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White Chocolate Covered Strawberries


I don’t know about you guys during this quarantine/social distancing, but I have been cooking, baking, and making whatever I can in the kitchen. The cravings are endless.

Sweets are becoming my best friend. And I don’t mean having just a scoop or two of ice cream in a bowl. Although that does sound good too.

I decided to make an easy dessert: white chocolate covered strawberries.

Tony came home with a box of beautiful red strawberries and I thought “I should make some chocolate covered strawberries for dessert!” However, I didn’t have any chocolate chips on hand and I sure as hell was not trying go to the grocery store to just get chocolate chips. It could totally wait but my taste buds could not resist wanting chocolate covered strawberries.

I recalled having a bag of cookies and cream Hershey Kisses in my snack drawer. Tell me why I thought it would totally make sense to melt Hershey Kisses placed in bowl in the microwave. I threw about 10-12 pieces of Hershey kisses in a bowl, microwaved and guess what happened? I burnt that like no tomorrow and felt like a dumbass.

That’s how bad I wanted chocolate covered strawberries. I ended up just having strawberries. Just some damn fruit for dessert.

You better believe when we went back to the grocery store over the weekend, I planned to grab a bag of chocolate chips.

Of course during this Pandemic, we can no longer assume that the grocery store would have the things we want. Sure enough, there were no chocolate chips but there were white chocolate chips. “Better than nothing” I thought.

I washed the strawberries and prepped them for my white chocolate melt. The white chocolate chips did so much better in the microwave. Melted, gooey, and ready to go. I swirled the strawberries in the melt and I was drooling. I threw some silver sprinkles on top and I laid them out on parchment paper until it harden.

Tony and I had them for dessert after dinner and it was delicious. Now I’m just obsessed. It’s just one of many sweets I intend to enjoy during the quarantine.

Have you guys made any desserts lately? Tried any new ones? Desserts that bring back memories perhaps?

Let me know! Share a recipe!

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