I have been having an emotional connection with the Universe lately. Probably more than I ever had in my whole entire life.

I have been watching a lot of people in my life make the greatest changes and take on opportunities that will better them and their future.

I personally had a lot road blocks along the way in the last couple years and feelings of being complacent. This time around, I’m watching signs that have come my way saying “everything is going to be alright and your time is now.” In this moment, I have endured an emotional heart watching the people in my life whether they’re close, I’ve grown close to them or I’ve been close to them once-upon-a-time move in pathways of greater opportunities for their well-being.

As I communicate with the Universe about where I’m going to be and being there to support those who need me and appreciate my help the most feels like this is where I’m meant to be in the moment. And even though I’m typically filled with anxiety, I think the level has been brought down because I’m overwhelmed with joy helping others as well as living in present instead of the past and the future. I’m choosing to not dwell on those who make me upset, angry, and frustrated because it’s absolutely unnecessary.

Although I had a setback, I think having the support of my man drives me out of those moments and next to that, still continuing to support others.

I think I always knew I was a great support system for my closest friends but in recent years I’ve been treasuring the people I have in my life even more. I still continue to motivate and be their cheerleader. I want nothing but the best for them.

As I watch them jump at their opportunities, I surely believe my opportunity will be at the door rather soon. I have been gifted by the Universe a ton of signs that assures me that I will be closing one door and opening a brand new soon.

In this time, I’d like to thank those around me. As much as I have been your support system, I grow as person when I watch you guys grow. You guys lie a special place in my heart and I couldn’t carry on being as positive and go-getter as I do without you all.

I will forever be your support system, your motivator, and your cheerleader!

I want you guys to continue reaching for more and doing what is best for your mental health.

The Universe has worked itself out for many of my close loved ones and I surely believe it will be making it’s way towards me… faster… than I already think it is.