I have yet to release a blog post from my Health + Fit category. I have been meaning to but I always other interesting things than hashtag health (#health) that I would rather much share with you all.

In the last several days including today, I have been taking a rest day. I took a rest day last Thursday and Friday. Before that I couldn’t even recall the last time I took a rest day.

Last night, I went out drinking and did karaoke with some of our friends in town. I certainly do not have any regrets because it was a great fucking time but I woke dehydrated and exhausted.

Everyone was enjoying their four-day weekend and of course, I had to go to work today. I had my normal dose of caffeine and shortly after I had some electrolytes and a probiotic shot from Pressed Juicery. I felt a little bit better after but I was still tired.

As a lot of us in our late 20s would say, the aftermath of drinking does not get any easier.

The two rest days that I had gave my body a chance to relax. I actually attempted to work out on Friday. I went into the gym, threw my earphones on and I was ready to warm up. Or at least I thought I was ready.

I started doing jumping jacks and I just stopped. I felt as though I was just forcing myself especially since my mindset was like “I don’t want to work out and my body doesn’t want to work out either.”

I left the gym, went home and just let myself rest.

And good thing I did because the next day, I came back hungry.

Saturday morning, I got myself up, took my Ghost Burn and headed out the door. I decided to work out in our complex gym. Throwing in my earphones, the “low battery” alert came on and I only had 10% left on my earphones. For the first time ever, I worked out to the low-volumed music in the gym and my heavy breathing because I was so determine to work out after my rest days.

As soon as I got done working out my upper-body, I checked to see if my charger gave my earphones enough juice to last during my cardio session. Unfortunately, my earphones were dying and so was the charger. So I decided to go home, charge my earphones and come back for cardio.

I realized even more so how important it is to rest your body because the motivation and determination to go workout heightened after those rest days.

However, on a day like this, I somewhat feel guilty for not working out. I suppose because I paid the price for drinking last night, early this morning and throughout my day, I don’t have any real excuse for taking a rest day.

At the same time, I shouldn’t have to push on days like these when my body is just straight out tired.

While I’m enduring this rest day, it’s not like I’m consuming a bunch of crap. I didn’t wake up this morning and said, “oh no, I’m dehydrated and hungover so maybe I should swoop up a breakfast burrito to someone bring me ‘back to life.'” I stayed in my normal routine.

As I said, I had my usual caffeine then some electrolytes and a probiotic shot. I fasted for 12 hours which is my normal fasting goal. I had a lean meal prep for lunch and a fruit pack. I kept hydrating throughout the day with no snacks.

I came home early from work to take a power nap so I could gain enough energy to wake myself up for the gym. I set my alarm for 30 minutes and I just laid there in the dark, resting my eyes. Couldn’t even get a nap in.

So no nap and too tired to go to the gym; I called it a rest day. Took a shower, threw on my comfy clothes and now I’m here.

I felt a slight guilt come on. But why? There’s nothing wrong with taking a rest day. I should rest right? I shouldn’t have to push my body when it feels tired.

I continue every day to practice being more intuitive when it comes to my health and fitness. If I want something, I’ll have it. If my mindset and body wants to workout, then we will. But I’m not trying to sit here and feel guilty for not working out. It’ll consume my mind, cause unnecessary stress and impact my ability to fulfilling my health goals.

Am I only the one who feels guilty sometimes for not working out? I can’t be. We all have those days right?

I try my best to lift myself from the guilt of not working out. Cause again, I’m not willing to force my body to do what it doesn’t want to but I’m also not consuming a bunch crap on my days off.

I’m going to stick to my daily routine whether there’s a workout involve or not. Because being guilt-free and stress-free is what I strive for while I am continuing to improve my mental and physical health.

I hope you do the same. Take a rest. Chill.