This past weekend, I made one of the cheapest grocery hauls ever. Since Tony and I have been intermittently fasting, having learner meals, and enjoying our Hello Fresh subscription, we have cut out breakfast and snacks making our haul cheaper.

Every now and then while we’re grocery shopping, I like to linger at snacks and breakfast items. I seek out the macronutrients just to be sure I’m not just indulging on unnecessary calories.

While I was grocery shopping this past weekend, I walked down the ice cream aisle to see if there were any new flavors of Halo Top out. I stumbled upon this plant-based frozen dessert, Farm to Spoon. It was a two-pack going at half off.

And of course when I see items that are supposedly considered “healthy” to our generation labeling “plant-based,” I’m like “fuck yeah, I’m buying it.” And because specialized food items that are considered “healthy” are typically expensive, I thought it was more of a reason to purchase.

And the one time I decide to grab it, I didn’t even bother to look at the marcos on it because it was labeled plant-based: made with cauliflower and other vegetables.

I was even more drawn in by the flavor: Peanut Butter Chocolate Swirl.

On Sunday night, Tony and I decided to indulge and share this plant-based frozen dessert. Pulling it from the packaging, I started reading the marcos.

“450 calories?! What the heck is in this thing?”

450 calories: 27 grams of Fat; 14 grams of Saturated Fat (Oh my goodness!), 43 grams of Carbs, and 9 grams of Protein.

And because I enjoy sugar so much, I like to stay aware of the amount of sugar in all food items. There were 35 grams of sugar. I was better off having a regular coke can (not really).

Here’s the thing: I’m not even hating on Farm to Spoon because that frozen dessert was fucking great. Tony and I enjoyed every bit of it. But it goes to show that our generation including myself (just this one time though) can read a label describing some type of health fad and their assumption is “Oh it’s this, so it must be healthy.” Or even items that are labeled “keto-friendly,” “gluten-free,” etc. We get so hyped.

I can’t blame our generation though. We’re more health conscience. We enjoy our avocado toast, plant-based burgers, matcha green teas, and kombucha filled with lots of probiotics.

But I think we should look beyond the labels sometimes or at least read into the facts about dietary restrictions. Some choose certain diets and some just have to live by it in order to live longer.

As much as the label stated “plant-based,” it didn’t necessary promote being “healthy” but rather it’s just a dessert for vegans to enjoy because of their dietary restrictions.

Look less on the front of the box and pay more attention to the label on the back. Sometimes you’ll even see packaging that says “10 grams of protein!” on the front but when you look on the back, its high in carbs and high in fats.

Look beyond the front! Just like you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover; you can’t just base your decision to purchase food items because of what’s on the front (“yes, I can Karen!”).

But needless to say, that dessert was freaking great and I will definitely be eating it again only this time, I’ll be sure it actually fits in my daily intake.

Try it out!